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Occupational Hygiene (or "Industrial Hygiene" for our American readers) is concerned with the recognition, evaluation and control of risks to health arising from work.

The complexity of many health risks means that identification and risk assessments will generally require greater expertise than that required for many safety assessments.

Industrial Health Control provides expertise and factual information of high quality, so that important decisions regarding the control of health risks can be made accurately.

Latest News

Merger with Environmental Evaluation

Environmental Evaluation Ltd and Industrial Health Control Ltd are pleased to announce that as from 31st May 2012 the assets and trading name of Industrial Health Control Ltd have been acquired by Environmental Evaluation Ltd.

Clients can now benefit from the full resources of Environmental Evaluation’s nationwide range of occupational hygiene and environmental services, including UKAS accredited emissions monitoring and asbestos consultancy, surveying and analysis. They operate from a national network of laboratories with over 50 qualified staff available. See here for more information.

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